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Sunset doesnt have to be the end of the day…

Although many photographers seek out the golden hours of the day, that first hour after sunrise, and the last hour before sunset for the appeal that the low light brings (good contrast, golden glow, deeper blue skies), with the advent of newer digital camera’s producing low noise at higher iso along with software that helps […]

Watch those backgrounds!

Another tool in improving the look of your images is to carefully watch your backgrounds.  Pay particular attention to man made objects such as telephone poles, street lights, signs, cars, etc.  These can be very distracting to the image you shoot, and considerably take away from the composition and strength of the shot. Many times, […]

Edit Edit Edit

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to improve both the perception of your photographic ability, and to improve the actual images that you shoot, is to edit.  Editing what you show others, showcasing your better work, will invevtiably improve what other perceive your ability to be.  Editing the images you shoot also can improve your […]

Some people have all the luck…

We have all heard the phrase “That was a lucky shot”, or “Was he ever lucky in getting that shot”.  Sure, there are the occasional lucky shots, the random act of simply putting your eye to the view finder and pushing the shutter, with little or no regard to lighting, composition, focus, shutter speed, or […]

Welcome to the new

Welcome to the newly revised!  This site will showcase images largely taken in and near Colorado, primarily from the digital photography era, though some older scanned slide images will be included. In all cases where a digital camera was utilized, the date, camera model, lens setting, shutter and aperture information will all be included […]